Sollega mounting rack made from recycled materials

sollega 1 vzpJl 69 Sollega mounting rack made from recycled materials

Sollega Inchas announced its new InstaRack™, the solar industry’s first fullyassembled, one-piece mounting rack made from recycled materials. Thepatent-pending no-assembly design reduces installation labor costs forflat commercial rooftops by up to half when compared with traditionalsystems. The InstaRack™ is compatible with most solar panels on themarket today, allowing installers to continue working with themanufacturers of their choice while greatly reducing labor overhead.

TheInstaRack™ is a one-piece molded unit that requires only one tool. Theflexible mounting system works with all current 175 to 230 W PV panelson the market. The InstaRack™ is manufactured from high densitypolyethylene plastic (HDPE) and made from a minimum of 35% recycledmaterials, resulting in a lightweight, easy to stack and ship unit witha lower carbon footprint than conventional steel or aluminumalternatives. The modular design allows for minimal roof penetrationswhile a UV inhibitor adds to durability.

The InstaRack™slashes labor costs in half for installers, requires zero on-roofassembly, is light and stackable for compact shipping, and best of allis made of recycled materials, further reducing the project’s carbonfootprint. According to Sollega, installation labor accounts for over30% of a solar project’s total cost. The InstaRack™ is available in theU.S. immediately.

Thanks for the tip: [John Humphrey]