Solimpeks Hybrid Solar Collectors

hybrid solar panels by solimpeks corp 1 RypFB 69 Solimpeks Hybrid Solar Collectors

Based in Turkey, Solimpeks Corp has released the Volther hybrid solar collector, whichproduces electricity and hot water simultaneously. The hybrid modulesallow extra module heat to be absorbed to produce hot water, thusoptimizing efficiency. Historically, the main drawback of manyconventional photovoltaic systems has been the high initial cost as well as the limited amount of electrical output when compared to the solarinput. This Volther hybrid solar collector system allows excess heat tobe recaptured and boosts the system’s return on investment.

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In the PV-T, hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermal collector, productionof both electricity and hot water is done simultaneously. The PVmodule’s heat is absorbed to produce hot water so that PV efficiency can be optimized as the heat is transferred to produce hot water. The PV-Ttechnology can increase electricity production of PV module by keepingthe panels cool.

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The company has calculated that to supply an average European homewith a year-round supply of hot water and electricity, only 25sqm ofPV-T collectors will be required, and since the panels double to produce hot water, the ROI is comparatively less than normal photovoltaic orsolar thermal panels. The electricity generated by the panels can bestored in normal batteries or can be converted into hydrogen for lateruse.

Thanks: [Kemal Ibis, Solimpeks Corp]