Solergy launches next-generation CPV with record-breaking 32.9% efficiency

Solergy Inc., developers of the next generation of high concentratedphotovoltaic technology (HCPV), announced the launch and introduction of two unique flagship products: Solergy CPV and Solergy Cogen CPV.

In addition to the company launch, Solergy and the Italian Civil AviationAuthority (ENAC) jointly announced their agreement to install a CogenCPV power plant at the Pantelleria Airport in Sicily. The installationwill be a collaborative test site for the innovative use of Solergy’sCPV and cogeneration technology to generate both solar electricity andheat at an airport facility.

The announcements took place on theeve of the EnerSolar+ Conference in Milan, Italy, where Solergy will beexhibiting the company’s unique CPV systems featuring an all-glassoptical concentrating lens – the world’s first. The all-glass optics,high-precision tracking and optimized basic energy unit ensure thatSolergy’s system consistently produces more energy than any other PV orCPV product in existence.

"We are excited to launch our companyand present our CPV products to the world. We have dedicated the pastthree years to developing a system we believe not only addresses thechallenges CPV has faced in the past, but takes a significant leapforward in terms of performance, reliability, and technologicalinnovation," said Yoav Banin, CEO and co-founder of Solergy, Inc.

ENAC selected Solergy as the exclusive partner for the test site after athorough and rigorous assessment of the company’s technology proved itto be one of the most innovative systems available. The installationwill generate electric power for the airport, as well as power the airconditioning system. The project is expected to start in the firstquarter of 2011.

“We are pleased to announce our letter of intent to work with Solergy on this unique and important project," saidAlessandro Cardi, Central Director of Airport Infrastructure at ENAC."Solergy’s combination of high efficiency and cogeneration make itespecially well-suited to serve the significant electricity and airconditioning requirements of our airports. We strive to make Italy’sairports greener, and are confident that this project can then serve as a model for achieving clean energy self-sufficiency in other airports inItaly.”

Solergy has two products, Solergy CPV and Solergy CogenCPV, both of which use Solergy’s unique design and engineering todeliver the highest level of energy output in the industry today.