Solar Bike Sheds by Sanyo in Tokyo

sanyo solar parking lot_1

Sanyo has announced the installation of two “Solar Parking Lots”that incorporate solar panels, lithium-ion battery systems and provision of 100 electric hybrid bicycles. This installation in Tokyo eliminatesthe use of fossil fuels and clean power generated from the solar panelsmounted on the shed’s roof.

The solar sheds, which have been designed to work with Sanyo’sEneloop range of electric hybrid bicycles, generate enough energy tocharge 100 bicycles and also provide power to LED lights that illuminate the parking lots after dark. During sunny hours the solar radiation is converted to electriccharge by photovoltaic panels, which either feed the bike’s batteriesdirectly or charge up an array of six lithium-ion battery for later use.

sanyo solar parking lot_2


Via: FastCompany/Sanyo



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