‘Solasis Light Tower’ uses Solar Energy to generate power

Parking lots have been a very good answer to organized space managementall these years.
But with the environment almost getting degraded soquickly, it is essential and high time we thought of better ways togenerate electricity.
With the future looking very bright as far asusing electric cars is concerned, though fossil fuels will not bewasted, but a lot of electricity would be while charging and rechargingsuch vehicles. It would be best if such parking lots could generatepower from alternate and renewable sources of energy like the sun to beable to power and charge vehicles as well as light up the parking lotat least. ‘Think outside the Parking Box’ is a concept developed byDesignboom and Nissan who have designed a unique ‘Solasis Light Tower’that generates energy using the cars’ windshields to shine sun onto thesolar power concentrating tower adding valuable juice to the grid.

Cars are parked in such a adirection that theirwindshields and hoods face the solar receptor. The unique conceptrequires the windshield and roof of the car to be made up of a mesh ofphotovoltaic cells and mirrors. As the cars lie parked, these mirrorsactivate and track the sun and thereby redirect the light beam to thesolar tower thus making the tower generate power form the solar energyit absorbs. This definitely is the future of the world, and is indeed asmart option!




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