SolarWorld hones sales advantages ahead of production ramp

The SolarWorld group has installed new sales leadership and staff andimplemented the market’s most robust performance assurances to positionthe sales operation for the company’s steep rise in US manufacturing.

Kevin Kilkelly has rounded out his first quarter as president of the group’ssales and marketing operation for the Americas by creating additionalgreen sales and sales-support jobs, enabling the company to furthersegment the US market to speed growth of installation and distributionnetworks. Kilkelly also has adopted the strongest US productprotections.

Beginning with modules installed in 2010, SolarWorld is the first manufacturer to offer a linear performance guarantee for25 years. Competitors offer staggered guarantees — for instance, 90percent of nominal output for 10 years, then 80 percent the next yearonward. SolarWorld’s guarantee covers 97 percent the first year, thendecreases only 0.7 percent each year thereafter.

In parallel, the company is offering a plus-sorting method to ensure customers receivethe watts they expect. Every module is flash-tested to determine peakrated power, and the rating accounts for initial light-induceddegradation. Based on this rating, SolarWorld, unlike competitors,delivers only modules that offer output greater than or equal tonameplate rated power. Factory flash reports accompany every order.

“As the nation’s pioneering leader in high-quality photovoltaic products,we must constantly innovate ways for our sales operation to keep pacewith the ever-increasing performance and reliability of our products,”Kilkelly said. “These steps put us further ahead of the pack.”

SolarWorld, already the largest and most experienced US manufacturer of solar power technology, is expanding its US operations to 500 MW of annualproduction capacity this year.