SolarU: Solar trickle chargers explained

sunsei se150 large SolarU: Solar trickle chargers explained

Ever wonder what the purpose of a solar trickle are they different than traditional solar panels? A tricklecharger is typically a low wattage solar panel with a purpose ofkeeping a battery’s charge topped off. Typically if your not using abattery it will start to discharge and if it gets to a point in whichit gets too discharged your battery may lose the ability to hold charge.

Haveyou left your car sitting without using it for a couple weeks? Did itstart up? In some cases people can’t start their cars because thebattery in your car will discharge everyday its not used. This is wherea solar trickle charger comes in handy, since it can keep the batteryin your car charged up. A trickle charger can be helpful if you live ina cool climate since batteries lose their charge in cold weather.Keeping your battery charged up keeps it more reliable and extends thenumber of cycles you can get out of your battery.

Many people assume solar trickle chargers will not work well in cloudy weather although since the ICP Solar Trickle Charger is a thin film solar panel it actuallyperforms well in low indirect sun. Larger solar trickle chargers suchas the ICP sunsei SE-500 may need a charge controller to keep it fromovercharging your battery.