Solarized New Workers

solar+worker Solarized New Workers

An interesting and very cool idea coming from Florida-based Solar Energy InitiativesInc. on setting up job training for laid off/out-of-job workers assolar energy installation and maintenance technicians in Jacksonville.

The company’s "Renew the Nation" campaign is being funded in part($396,000) by the federal stimulus program American Recovery andReinvestment Act of 2009. The City of Jacksonville has partnered withSolar Energy for the program. The first class, according to SolarEnergy will begin in late October.

The company is also training solar dealers that will sell andinstall solar systems to homeowners and commercial customers. Of coursewe wouldn’t want phony and incompetent sales people to haphazardlyinstall solar panels in our roofs.

I just hope these new trainees will get jobs as soon as possible so as not to waste their newly acquired skills.

[Photo from University of Buffalo]