Solarfun (SOLF) Announces New PV Line

03 February of 2010 by

Solarfun just announced the release its new Eclipse product line.The new line of solar PV cells and modules features reduced lightinduced degradation, so they generate more electricity compared tostandard cells. For example, by reducing light induced degradation downto 1% from the standard 2-3%, the electricity generated is increased by1% to 2% over a one-, five-, 10-, and 25- year period.

In a press release, Peter Xie, President of Solarfun, commented:

“We have devoted considerable resources and management attention todevelop and produce differentiated products. We are proud to introducethis innovation in our new ‘ECLIPSE’ line with reduced LID. The advanceis made possible by our vertically integrated manufacturing model andability to control the quality of raw materials throughout theproduction process. By adjusting chemical properties in both theingot-making and cell-processing phases of manufacturing, we haveachieved a low concentration of impurity while still maintaining highyields. We remain committed to our strategy of continually enhancingour technology to produce differentiated and more efficient productsfor our customers.”

Solarfun (SOLF) Announces New PV Line

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