SolarEdge Opens European Headquarters

solaredge system2 SolarEdge Opens European Headquarters

Solar power harvesting provider SolarEdge announced the opening of a new European office to be located in Dresden, Germany. The Dresden office will provide sales and technical support for the company’s solar power harvesting and monitoring systemsand meet growing demand for PV power harvesting systems to maximizepower generation of each module throughout the solar life cycle. Currently, SolarEdge maintains offices in Herzelia, Israel; Palo Alto,California; and Tokyo, Japan.

According to Zvi Lando,SolarEdge’s vice-president of sales, Germany has long played apioneering role in the development of the European solar industry andhas been an early adopter of SolarEdge’s breakthrough power harvestingtechnology.

“It is a natural fit for SolarEdge to open our European headquarterswithin the world’s largest PV market,” said Lando. “This location allows us to quickly and thoroughly execute an aggressive distributionstrategy with dedicated support for customers and partners in keymarkets like Germany and throughout Europe–areas that are quicklyrealizing the dramatic potential to maximize power generation of PVsites with SolarEdge, while reducing costs and complexities.”  Landoalso said SolarEdge has several key strategic alliances including onewith Germany’s Schott and Gehrlicher.

A leader in the industry, SolarEdge’s distributed power harvestingand monitoring system tackles common solar performance problems, suchas lost electricity production from partial shading and other glitchesin the electronic equipment that transports power between the panels.

The SolarEdge system sells at the cost of standard inverters, butalso comes with a multitude of added benefits, including: MPPT CircuitPer Panel (maximizes power harvesting and solves panel mismatch andpartial shading power losses); Fixed String Voltage (ensures operationat the highest efficiency at all times, independent of string lengthand temperature, enabling constraint-free site design, full site spaceutilization, reduced installation time and maintenance costs); In-panelElectronics (improves safety for installers, electricians andfirefighters); and Power-line Communication (offers a new level ofsystem feedback and monitoring capabilities including module-levelmonitoring and theft prevention).

SolarEdgeis a provider of holistic PV power harvesting and monitoring solutionsfor maximum energy at a lower cost per watt. The company works withindustry-leading partners to embed its active electronic solutiondirectly into PV panels. Unlike centralized architectures that cannotoptimize the power of each panel, SolarEdge performs MPPT per panelwhile communicating across existing power lines for granular visibilityand control. As a result, the SolarEdge systemic approach provides morepower from any given installation, eliminates design constraints,provides complete visibility, solves all safety issues and providesanti-theft, all while reducing the cost of energy.

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803 SolarEdge Opens European Headquarters
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