Solaredge launches solar power harvesting system in Italy, in partnership with Albatech

SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of Distributed Solar Power Harvesting and PV monitoring solutions, is expanding its activity to Italyannouncing a partnership with Albatech S.r.l, a leading Italiandistributor of quality solar products and supplier of solutions forturn-key photovoltaic plants.

The SolarEdge power harvestingsolution includes PowerBoxes, which are module-integrated poweroptimizers, multi-string solar inverter and a monitoring portal. Thisunique end-to-end solution enables production of up to 25 percent moreenergy from PV installation, while reducing costs and complexities.

The Italian PV market is the second largest PV market in Europe, exhibiting a double-digit growth rate in the last few years. The market isdiversified and includes roof-top, commercial and large-scale PVinstallations.

The SolarEdge solution allows installers andsystem owners of all system types to benefit from constraint-freedesign, real-time module-level monitoring, improved maintenance atreduced cost, optimal site-area utilization, theft preventionmechanisms, enhanced safety and extraordinary reliability, which allcontribute to faster return on investment.

“As a MetaSystemGroup company, a technology-oriented group with extensive experience inpower electronics, we found SolarEdge to be a natural partner, providing a smart solution based on a unique technology that enables maximumenergy throughput along with numerous other benefits.“, said RaffaeleSalutari, Sales and Marketing Director of Albatech Srl. Albatech already placed orders and began taking deliveries for several mega-watts ofSolarEdge systems.

“We see great potential in the Italianmarket” said Zvi Lando, VP Global Sales of SolarEdge “we believe thatAlbaTech, with its vast experience and nation-wide network of sales andsupport, is the best partner for establishing our operations in thismarket.”


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