Solarcon India

solarcon IndiaThe Solarcon Conference and Exhibition,held at the International Convention Center during November 9-11, 2009in Hyderabad, India, was jointly supported by SEMI PV Group, IntersolarIndia and India Semiconductor Association. The first of its kind, theconference attracted 3,500 attendees and drew a good response frommodule manufacturers, installers to the solar support ecosystem,including equipment suppliers like Applied Materials.

The backdrop for this conference was the soon to be announcedNational Solar Mission of India that will be formally launched onNovember 14th. A goal of 20GW installed by 2020 is expected with clearoutline for implementation in rooftop and utility segments.

The conference was inaugurated on Nov 9th by Andhra Pradesh ChiefMinister, Sri. K. Rosaiah by turning on a solar lantern in place of theIndian tradition of lighting an oil lamp. The conclave focused on theneeds of the evolving solar sector in India; and brought together keyplayers, business leaders, technology experts and strategists on acommon platform.

The conference was complemented by an exhibition showcasing over 50international speakers, 70 exhibitors and 300 delegates. Sessionshighlighted the emerging photovoltaic (PV) markets, climate change,policy issues, finance opportunities, key applications for India,standards, Environment Health & Safety (EHS), balance of system andprojects, planning and implementation.

Charlie Gay was the keynote speaker on Nov 10, kicking off theconference with highlights on the growth of PV solar and theopportunities ahead as the market grows.

Applied Materials’ booth at the exhibit was a great place to meetexisting customers, continue the interaction with potential customersand generate new leads. The compact booth highlighted SunFab,crystalline silicon (c-Si) solutions and service offerings. A largemodule installation was demonstrated in a much-watched videoof Applied’s test solar farm located in Santa Clara, California. Inaddition, a well attended technical seminar included a welcome andinsights on c-Si by James Robson, a technology overview by Charlie Gay,PWS product highlights by Franck Genonceau and a Baccini product updateby Rich Piech. The session was a success with 45 attendees and customerrepresentatives ranging from chief executives to engineers. It gavethem a chance to hear in person the recent advances by Applied in thissegment including our Diamond Squarer, MaxEdge and Baccini Essato.

All-in-all, this conference was a great opportunity for Applied’sEnergy and Environmental Solutions product group to get close to thecustomer, to understand their needs and perspective for the emergingIndia market.



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