SolarCity Jumps into EV Charging

solarcity roof SolarCity Jumps into EV Charging

Now more Americans than ever will be able to "drive on sunshine", bycharging their electric cars with solar power, and save up to 77 percent on fuel costs.

SolarCity has partnered with industry pioneer ClipperCreek to provide electric vehicle (EV) chargers compatible with all new EVs.SolarCity will initially install ClipperCreek EV chargers through its 24 operations centers nationwide, making it the largest single provider of EV, solar and energy efficiency services in the U.S.

SolarCity on PV + EV mission
"SolarCity’s mission has always been to help homeowners and businesses adopt clean powerwhile saving on energy costs," said Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity."Electric cars are already among the cleanest-running vehicles on theroad—charging them on solar makes them that much better. Tens ofthousands of electric cars will be delivered over the next year alone,with hundreds of thousands expected over the next five years. We’remaking it easier to power them with carbon-free electricity for zeroemissions as well as dramatically reducing the cost of driving."

Pricing for home or business installation of a ClipperCreek 240-voltLevel II EV charger, including the charger, starts at $1,500. Chargingat Level II is roughly five times faster than using a 120-volt walloutlet. For its solar and energy-efficiency customers, as well as thosewho wish to install EV chargers only, SolarCity can prepare a home orbusiness to be EV ready even before delivery of an electric car.

Powering an EV with electricity generated from a home solar systemcan be 77 percent less expensive than powering a car with gas. Anaverage San Francisco Bay Area resident paying the national average of$3.65 per gallon gas spends about $230 per month to fuel her gas-powered car. She’d pay $107 to power an equivalent-size EV with gridelectricity, and, by leasing a solar system from SolarCity, only $54 topower the car with solar electricity for the same miles driven.

ClipperCreek: A charging station pioneer
ClipperCreek pioneered EV charger safety features in the mid-1990s that have becomethe industry standard. Its UL-listed chargers are designed for use withthe Chevy Volt, Ford Transit Connect, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster andall SAE-compatible plug-In vehicles that are soon to be released frommajor and most new car companies

"We are pleased to partner with SolarCity to help increase the number of homes and businesses that can run electric cars on renewableenergy," said Dave Packard, President of ClipperCreek, Inc. "Roughly 40percent of residential EV owners have solar and we expect theseenvironmental and economic benefits to expand with the comingproliferation of electric cars and increasing use of solar power.

SolarCity installed the world’s first solar-powered enhanced electric car charging corridor, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in 2009. The EV chargers,located at Rabobank branches along highway 101, support the newindustry-standard J1772 protocol common to newer EVs

SolarCity is also the North American distributor of EV chargers forToyota Tsusho, which represents a public EV infrastructure of thousandsof chargers.

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