Solarafrica Brings The World Cup to Kenya

solar soccer IF5OP 69 Solarafrica Brings The World Cup to Kenya

This year people residing in Africa’s largest slum, Kenya’s Kibera,won’t be missing live FIFA 2010 World Cup matches due to the lack of TVsets or electricity, as Solafrica, a Swiss-based, not-for-profit organization is using the power to thesun to entertain some of the 1 million residents.

Solafrica says that they want to show the residents the benefits ofsolar technology and convince them to adopt new solar LED technology for the benefit of the community. The solar power station used for WorldCup open-air viewing is a portable, compact system that comes with solar panels and accumulators. Once the World Cup is over, the portable solar station will be installed in one of the nearest schools to providepower for various needs.

Via: PC World