Solar Yacht By Wally Hermes

WHY stands for the partnership between Hermčs Yachts and Wally. Thisnew joint venture has conceptualized a motor yacht that redefines theart of living on the sea in green style.
In an attempt to move beyondthe horizon of current trend, WHY has shaped up a boat that iscontained in a triangular hull measuring 58m x 38m. Powered by a dieselelectric engine, it is also fitted with 900 square meters ofphotovoltaic panels.
These solar panels provide juice to most of theboat’s auxiliary system needs. Cruising on the most efficientmotorization requires less power at cruising speed than a boat of equalsize. In an attempt to optimize the boat’s energy consumption, thecompany is also investigating the latest wind energy production andwind propulsion system technologies. The 58×38 size is deliberatelyconceived to significantly reduce its energy consumption, saving up to200 tons of diesel per year.

Turning our attention to the luxury aspect, this designeryacht will boast of a 25 meter-long swimming pool and a 36-meter aftdeck beach. The interiors also scream of luxury with water resistantbuffalo leather décor. Since Hermčs was involved in every step of theprocess from concept to realization, the boat WHY promises to renderluxury sailing with cutting edge technologies.

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Via – [Luxurylaunches]