Solar XOF1 Drives Over Arctic Ocean

solar power car xof1 Solar XOF1 Drives Over Arctic Ocean

We’ve heard of the XOF1’s adventures before. Well, this solar powered flying-saucer-lookalike car has jumped yet another hurdle on its solar powered journey. Driver andproject leader, Marcelo da Luz, drove across the treacherously frozenArctic Ocean on a biting cold journey that lasted around 9.5 hours.

Travelling at 70kmph over smooth ice, the solar powered carhad to slow down to 30-40kmph though over the Arctic Ocean stretch, dueto terrible road conditions. A 1.5-2 meter ice layer was all thatseparated the XOF1 and Marcelo da Luz from the chilling Arctic Oceanbeneath. Powered by 900 solar cells, this 20 kilogram car has broken the record for the longest distance covered in a solar vehicle, bytravelling 15,000km in 140 days. Hopefully, the Arctic sun behaves likeit is expected to on the cars journey back to Inuvik from Tuktoyatuk.