Solar Thermal Consortium Unveils Road Map For New York

TheSolar Thermal Consortium has introduced a road map designed toestablish New York as a national leader in solar heat and coolingtechnologies.

Developed over the past six months by more than 130 industrial, academic and governmental representatives, the SolarThermal Roadmap creates a path to move New York state toward 2,000 MW of solar thermal capacity – equal to 1 million solar hot water collectors, or 500,000 residential systems. According to the consortium, the planwould result in $2.6 billion in economic activity and 25,000 new jobsover the next decade.

"Sixty percent of the energy consumed inNew York state’s buildings is to provide heat and hot water," notes NewYork Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) President Ron Kamen,senior vice president of EarthKind Solar.

NYSEIA formallypresented the map at the recent NY Solar Industries 2010 – Business ofthe Sun Conference in Albany. The road map recommends the following:

  • creating a statewide educational campaign and electronic resource to informconsumers about the benefits of using the sun to heat homes, commercialbuildings and hot water;
  • initiating a solar thermalfinancial incentive program to encourage installations by shortening the payback time of solar thermal systems;
  • promoting NewYork state as a location for solar thermal manufacturers;
  • investing in research and development to create a scientific base thatsystematically develops next-generation Solar Thermal technologies,particularly solar storage and cooling; and
  • clarifying permitting procedures and union jurisdiction to simplify solar thermalinstallations.



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