Solar Streetlight Concept by Vinaccia Integral Design

solar tree pulsars by vinaccia integral design_1

Fusing nature and technology, designers over at Vinaccia Integral Design haveconceptualized the Solar Tree – an innovative street lighting systemthat gets powered by renewable solar energy. The Solar Trees are atribute to the energy and beauty of Mother Nature.

solar tree pulsars by vinaccia integral design_2

The tree-shaped structures have six branches, each of which isequipped with monocrystalline silicon solar cells that generate up to100W of clean electrical power. Since the panels are mounted atdifferent angles, they help in generating a constant energy output. Theelectricity generated by the system is stored in onboard battery packsthat can power the streetlight for up to four days without sun exposure.

solar tree pulsars by vinaccia integral design_3

The “trunk” of these solar trees is crafted from lightweightaluminum and is painted in different range of colors to suit theenvironment. The energy is supplied to a 48W LED lamp that hasbrightness equaling an ordinary 400W halogen lamp.

Via: Vinaccia Integral Design



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