Solar Skin by Studio Formwork

06 solar skin2 Solar Skin by Studio Formwork

The architectural 3D modeling, rendering and design firm Studio Formwork, has designed a unique solar product concept. Solar Skin!

Imagine generating renewable energy from your home or officebuilding without the need of expensive renovations! Instead ofrenovating those old structures, why not wrap them up instead?

One thing is for certain – the design concept of the Solar Skin isdefinitely eye-catching.  Touted as being “incredibly efficient, sexyand affordable,” each eye-shaped piece measures about 4 feet by 2.5feet.  Constructed out of lightweight, inflatable polymer and foamtubing, the pieces are lined with thin film solar cells printed onMylar. Each configurable panel is lined with high-density foam,finished with a white resin. Steel cables are inside the tubing. Oncethe panels are zipped together, a waterproof seal is created. The skincould be placed on structures or even stand alone to create temporaryshelters.

Cheaper than traditional solar panels, the Solar Skin conceptgenerates solar energy and insulates buildings, skyscrapers andhomes,either permanently or temporarily. While the product could beused on new buildings, the Skin would be especially ideal for older,inefficient structures.

The concept of Solar Skin was developed for a competition for“solutions for providing relief from global warming temperatureincreases and impacts.” The design is also featured in the book Design Ecologies, published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Image courtesy of Studio Formwork

81 Solar Skin by Studio Formwork

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