Solar Site Assessment Tool

iPhone solar assessment app

File under: Yeah, there’s an app for that.

I received an e-mail from Andrew about a Solar Site Assessment app for 3G iPhones.  I’ll let him tell the story:

Ilive in Vancouver, BC, when evaluating my own home for a solarinstallation I discovered a gap in the solar tools market. I have a lotof trees in my backyard and was interested in doing my own shadeanalysis assessment. So, I looked around and found expensive tools andmanual sun plots, and nothing in between. At the same time my sonhappened to get an iPhone. I was intrigued with the built in compassand inclinometer capabilities, and putting two and two together I comeup with an iPhone based solar assessment tool.

You can check out more at their website:

I know in New York State, NYSERDA requires a site assessment besubmitted for each application.  In order for a site to qualify for theNYSERDA rebates, it has to be 80% unshaded or more.  The rebatesthemselves are performance based, e.g. the better the site, the morethe rebate.  This app has the ability to print out a site assessment,which is key.



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