Solar Roof Coming to Mercedes Benz LKS 2012

mercedes benz lks 2012 solar roof

It’s time for some green stylish action from Mercedes Benz. Afterruling the market with its luxurious vehicles for almost 84 years, theGerman automaker has now developed a new retractable solar sunroof.Dubbed the “Mercedes Benz LKS 2012,” the new solar roof is made usingpolymer and panel glass, which contains magnetic particles suspended in a special fluid. The company eagerly awaits the unveiling of itspioneering technology at the Geneva Auto Salon 2011.

The new Mercedes Benz LKS 2012 solar roof incorporates magneticparticles that not only restricts the sunlight into the interiors of the car, but also converts solar energy into electric current. It includesan advanced electronic technology to regulate the transparency of theglass. The solar roof has been tested rigorously to make sure that itworks perfectly in extreme climates of the desert or the Arctic. Thedark roof offers effective protection against high temperatures andradiation, keeping the inner environment of the car pleasant.

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