Solar Roadmap to Full US House

The Solar Road Map

House Resolution 3585 — the Solar Technology Roadmap Act — will beconsidered for adoption by the full US House of Representatives onThursday morning, October 22.

According to its author, Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ),the bill would “strengthen the American solar technology industrythrough a coordinated research and development programs andpublic-private partnerships.”

During a recent tour of solar power facilities at Arizona State University, Giffords told the Phoenix Sun that the Roadmap is based on a plan by members of the semiconductor industry, created just as that field was getting started.

“So much is riding on solar power as a clean and renewablereplacement for fossil fuels,” she said. “We should make sure thatfunds are targeted at programs and projects that the Roadmap Committeeconsiders essential.”

That committee of eleven members would be picked by the Secretary ofEnergy, drawn from industry, government laboratories and academia. Thebill authorizes over $2 billion for developing, improving anddemonstrating solar power projects.

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