Solar Road Printer Sprays Icons On the Road

road printer_2

TheRoad Printer by industrial designer Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim and HongjuKim is a conceptual device that can be used to print signs onto theroad surface by harvesting solar energy by an onboard solar panel.

Thedevice is aimed to ease the task of printing road signs such as U Turn,Bus, Arrow Sign and Stop Sign at just the touch of a button. Thedesigns are pre-programmed in the memory of the Road Printer, which arethen jet-sprayed onto the surface. Themenu buttons which are to used to print a desired sign are ruggedenough to endure a boot or a push from the user’s fingers. The printcartridge swings from side-to-side between the track wheels and isfueled by the paint reservoir that is fitted at the rear of the devicefor easy refill.

road printer_1

road printer_3

road printer_4

Via: YankoDesign



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