Solar Rebates Applied $AMAT

 Solar Rebates Applied $AMAT

The decision to put a solar array on your homerooftop is not always straight forward. It can be a combination ofknowing you are contributing in a positive way to the Earth’senvironment as well as making a sound financial investment in yourenergy needs. Although it can be a complex formula for determining thereturn on investment, it is worth considering.

Step 1 for installing solar array on your home is getting information from a reputable company – in the case of the Applied Solar Rebate program, that meant working with SunPower and their extensive dealer/installer network.

Step 2 is scheduling a home visit. The dealer inspects your home,takes measurements and identifies the quality of your sun exposure (nooverhanging trees, ideally south facing roof area, etc.) and how much of your electricity needs you want to replace. The dealer then provides an engineering report and estimate to install an appropriate sized system. Costs including all available rebates are included in the report –which also takes into consideration your local electricity costs.

Since the program began 3 months ago, more than 300 Applied employees have learned about the program, 150 have initiated contact withSunPower, 85 have scheduled a home visit with an affiliated dealer – and 6 employees have either begun or completed their installations.

Once of the first employees to reap the benefit of this program isKen Muir – whose system is already installed and capturing Arizona sunrays. For Ken, the system just made good sense – both from a financialreturn as well as an environmental investment.

So, for those who may be considering putting a solar array onto ahome, the decision isn’t always straightforward however working withSunPower makes the process easier, and it is a decision that can pay big dividends over time.