Solar-Powered Trash Compactors from BigBelly Solar

Newton, MA Solar Powered Trash CompactorsBigBelly Solar, based in Newton, MA, markets and sells the world’s first trash compactor powered by solar power.  Trash is compacted with no utility connection needed, therebyminimizing the number of garbage pickups necessary and reducingoperating costs by up to 80%.

The average trash compactor requires a grid-based electricityconnection.  With Big Belly Solar, the sun shine (which is free andalways available) provides the energy needed.  In addition, lessfrequent pickups equal a reduction in transportation related expenses. Newer “BigBellys” can even send text messages when the cans are full toalert a pickup is needed.

BigBelly Solar has reported that sales have doubled in 2008 and2009.  About 46 states in the United States and 25 countries havepurchased these solar-powered compacting units.  Philadelphia has leased 500 Big Belly compactors and has reduced pickups from 17 times to 5times in a week, and is estimated to save $13 million in a 10 yearspan. 

I wanted to highlight BigBelly Solar because they are a local company making a big difference in the Newton, MA community keeping the city clean, saving money, and loweringemissions.  Newton first installed five BigBelly trash compactors in2006.  They have since added 18 additional compacting units in thecity’s highest volume areas.  

You can see a Big Belly solar-powered trash compactor in action in the following areas of Newton:

– 295 Auburn St, Auburndale, MA,

– 345 Auburn St, Auburndale, MA

– 423 Lexington St, Auburndale, MA

– 2094 Commonwealth Ave, Auburndale, MA

– 330 Homer St, Newtonville, MA (Newton Main Library)

– 1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newtonville, MA (City Hall)

– 457 Walnut St, Newtonville, MA (Newton North High School)

– 399 Watertown St, Nonantum, MA (Magni Coletti Park)

– 28 Langley Rd, Newton Centre, MA

– 46 Langley Rd, Newton Centre, MA

– 67 Langley Rd, Newton Centre, MA

-34 Lincoln St, Newton Highlands, MA

– 140 Brandeis Rd, Oak Hill, Ma (2 Locations, Newton South High School)

– 1215 Chestnut St, Newton Upper Falls, MA

– 1225 Chestnut St, Newton Upper Falls, MA

– 95 Wyman St, Waban, MA

– 1279 Washington St, West Newton, MA

– 1288 Washington, St, West Newton, Ma

-1299 Washington St, West Newton, Ma

-1357 Washington St, West Newton, Ma

– 1375 Washington St, West Newton, MA



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