Solar Powered Street Light by Joona

4 way traffic lights yKs3Z 24429 Solar Powered Street Light by Joona

Even after being well aware of the fact that breaking traffic rulescould cost someone his life, many of us jump them. Irrespective of whoout of the drivers and the pedestrians does this dreadful act,eventually the end result is a lot of traffic chaos. To offer aninnovative solution to the traffic accident problem, Joona has proposed a new traffic lights design that is eco-friendly too.

The 4 way traffic lights features a LED light on each of the fourways, while the solar panels help in saving energy. The design not onlyincorporates LED light that displays the right color sign, but alsoincludes an assistant that is smaller than traffic lights. How it really works is when pedestrians cross the street at a crosswalk, trafficlights shoot laser to assistant, which makes drivers realize a trafficsignal clearly.

Via: Joonas