Solar-powered stepping stones

solar powered lighted stepping stone 1

TheSolar Powered Lighted Stepping Stone provides an elegant, inimitableand reasonable way to light up and revamp your garden or walkway. Thesestepping stones have a built-in solar panel that collects and convertssunlight into DC power and the built-in nickel-cadmium batteries storethe energy to illuminate at night. These solar-powered lighted stepping stones have a built-in photo sensor that automatically turns the light on at evening and off at dawn.

solar powered lighted stepping stone 2

Itis made from a durable UV-protected poly-resin, which bears up to250lbs. A 12.5-inch square stepping stone integrates four LEDs thatgenerate bright light. Each long-life bulb is being said to last over100,000 hours.

solar powered lighted stepping stone 3

Via: SmartHome



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