Solar Powered Renault Aeon Concept EV

renault aeon_1

Designed by Vlad Icobet,the Renault Aeon is a concept electric vehicle that makes sure thatyour daily commute to the office has minimum impact on the ecosystem.The all-electric car is inspired by modern architectural structuresthat are blended with natural organic forms.

Thefuturistic vehicle offers state-of-the-art technology and materialsthat provide optimum quality and high performance at the same time. Theteardrop aerodynamic shape helps the two-seater vehicle reach highspeeds without emitting any harmful gases in the process. 

Thelarge daylight openings of the vehicle ensure a clear and open interiorspace. The vehicle’s polycarbonate surface is covered with nanophotovoltaic cells that recharge the vehicle’s onboard batteries on themove.

renault aeon_2

renault aeon_3

renault aeon_4

renault aeon_5

Via: Behance



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