Solar-powered refrigeration for mobile clinic on a camel

camel mobile clinic_1

Kenya-based Nomadic Communities Trust (NCT) has partnered with Designmattersat Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and PrincetonUniversity’s Institute of Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM),a multidisciplinary research center in the general field of materials,to develop a system that can be used to transport medicine to remoteAfrican communities.

The system needed to blendaffordable technology with advanced engineering and design that makesit possible to send medicines on camel conveys, which is the mostpractical and cost-effective means of transportation to these urbanareas. The team came up with a multifunctional system made from bamboothat is lightweight, durable and ergonomic. The system is actually asaddle, which holds a compartmented refrigerating unit that runs on asolar power generator.

camel mobile clinic_2

Therefrigerator prevents medicines and vaccines from the harsh climaticconditions. The project is expected to be fully implemented in 2010 ifthe necessary funding is secured. The team believes that the project isdeveloped for hard-to-reach African villages, but is viable for anyunderserved, remote area where camels are found.

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