Solar Powered Media Wall at Taipei Pop Music Center

taipei pop music center_1

Nabito Architects have proposed a stunning media wall to grace the Taipei Pop Music Centerthat integrates a photovoltaic façade to power LED panels. Theever-changing wall can broadcast news, weather information,advertisements and trailers for upcoming events.

taipei pop music center_2

TheTaipei Pop Music Center Competition won’t just showcase pop musictalents but will also display innovative uses of renewable energy. Themedia wall will be controlled by a central computer and will changeaccording to the events being held.

taipei pop music center_3

Thewall consists of a horizontal slab twisted at the center, creating avertical slab. The north side of the vertical slab carries the LEDsystem, while the south façade of the horizontal slab carries PVmodules integrated into glass panels.

taipei pop music center_4

Via: Inhabitat/DesignBoom


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