Solar Powered jacket from Zegna

Learning from others mistakes is common, but finding faults in one’sown design is quite difficult to admit. Italian high end fashion brandErmenegildo Zegna has done just that when it launched its secondversion of a solar jacket- Ecotech Solar Jacket, as a part of the ZegnaSport collection.
Zegna is credited to have designed the first eversolar jacket almost 2 years back with removable solar panels on thecollar. An interesting idea it is, but personally, not an effectiveposition. Upgrading the design, this time they bring the detachablesolar panels and storage battery on the upper arm of the sleeves.Though the device is detachable, it can also withstand the entirewashing process. Apart from the fact that the energy generated can beused to charge small-time items like cell phones, MP3 players etc, theentire jacket is also made from 100% recycled plastic sources. Thissurely justifies why it’s called ‘Ecotech’.



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