Solar-powered device in Calgary aims to slow down speedy drivers

08 October of 2009 by

calgary speed readers solar energy RdDh9 69 Solar powered device in Calgary aims to slow down speedy drivers

Insome places you get a ticket for speeding above the limit, others justwarn you and leave you to drive at a decent speed but the City ofCalgary is trying a new approach – scolding you like a parent. The cityhas installed new speed reading devices that are equipped with radarthat checks the speed of a passing vehicle and if its above the ratedlimit it displays a scolding message.

The city haspurchased 16 of the new devices that only flash the limit, each ofwhich is priced at $5940. The devices carry a solar panel thatgenerates all the power the system requires, which lowers theiroperating costs and means less ground wiring.

Via: CalgaryHeraldn


saraya 1 CaCcK 69 150x150   DWPs Saraya 1 Residential Tower


DWP’s Saraya 1 Residential Tower

sbs tIh1H 69 150x150 Spain gets its first self sufficient solar powered bus stop


Spain gets its first self-sufficient solar-powered bus stop

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