Solar-powered Bus Shelter In London

london bus shelter_2

Designedby Tim Wykeham, the London Bus shelter is conceptualized as a newdesign icon for London. It is a simple and a practical form that canwithstand the 24-hour use that is expected of a public structure.

Raisingfrom the ground the shelter kinks outward to form a perch, thencontinues up and sweeps out to form the roof. A lighting strip runs upeach end of the shelter highlighting the simple form and making it easyto spot when you are looking for one after dark.

Eachsection is 1000mm long and constructed of two aluminum sub-framesconnected with an aluminum skin. Bus locations and waiting times, PAsystem and lighting are all powered by a solar collection system on theroof.

Allwiring for the technology can be imbedded and ready for finalinstallation of speakers, lighting and the solar collection system,which allows for quick and easy assembly as well as maintenance.

london bus shelter_1

london bus shelter_3

london bus shelter_4

Thanks: [Tim Wykeham]



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