Solar Powered Blind cum Air-Conditioner

blind_ac2.jpgImagine a scorching hot afternoon with extra bright sunlight and allyou have is a window with a blind on it. Yes, the simple blind willprotect you from the heat, but will it let you feel the cool? With thelatest AC Blind concept designed by Minjoo Kwon, the usual blinddoubles up as an air cooler and it works on solar power. This in myopinion is the best green invention ever. It’s easy to use, simple butstylish looking and energy efficient. The usually air conditioners areno doubt very effective, but they consume so much of electricity.However, the Blind Air Conditioner does not need any extra source ofelectric supply- except the sun! This conversion of energy happensbecause the upper panels of the AC blinds consist of solar panels thatgenerate the required electricity from solar energy that gives out coolbreeze out of the flaps. The temperature and the direction of the flapscan be changed as per your discretion. blind.jpgSource


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