Solar powered ATM unveiled in Bombay

solar atm Solar powered ATM unveiled in Bombay

The matter of saving our environment from any future damage is nowbeing taken seriously by everyone, even banks!

With the unveiling ofthe first solar powered ATM in India, the IndusInd bank has set anexample for the others to follow suit soon. On Friday, the city ofBombay saw its first solar powered ATM inaugurated by the IndusInd bankas part of its campaign, ‘Hum Aur Hariyali’, this is just one of thesteps it has taken to decrease its carbon dioxide emissions.

The bank has also planned e-archiving, e-learning, e-wastemanagement, paperless fax and also is promoting finance programs withincentives to encourage people to help save the environment.

Punjab National Bank has also made an effort to reduce its waste bystopping the use of circulars and using their internal website to passaround information.The bank also uses dual generators that work onsolar energy. The idea of using solar energy to power up ATMs is beingused in rural areas too.

The Central Bank of India has also played its part in going green bydonating 30 old computers to the Spastic Society instead of disposingthem. It is undeniably encouraging to see our domestic banks go green.

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