Solar Power with Foldable 3D Solar Cells around Optical Fibre Could Be Next Green Revolution!

Solar power is the best green renewable energy option but it is notyet efficient, feasible and viable option for large scale powergeneration. Solar panels with photovoltaic cells are not veryaffordable and their dimensions are such huge that installation andmaintenance becomes a big hassle. Scientists from Georgia Institute ofTechnology have created 3D photovoltaic cells around an optical fibrewhich will make solar panels very flexible and efficient.

Green technology is on everybody’s mind these days and much money isbeing invested in research to make renewable energy more feasibleoption. The reason for green thinking is sheer necessity sincenon-renewable energy resources are depleting fast and on the contraryenergy consumption is increasing. Scientists have claimed that with thehelp of new nano technology it would indeed be possible to create athree dimensional solar cell around optical fibre to generate powerwith solar efficiency of 3.3%.

Hope solar power becomes more affordable and viable so that everyone can truly claim their green space under the sunshine.

Via Clean Technica



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