Solar Power? Swe-e-e-e-t!

mms Solar Power? Swe e e e t!

Little known fact: Green M&Ms® are actually “green” — made by solar power!

The reason it’s little known is probably because it’s not exactly, literally, 100 percent true. But it’s almost accurate. Let me explain.

Last week, the Hackettstown, NJ, factory that produces M&Ms®went solar in a big way. Their new solar PV array has a generatingcapacity of 2MW, making it one of the largest such facilities in NewJersey. The 28,000 solar panel array covers 18 acres and supplies 20%of the factory’s electricity.

That’s twenty percent. Keep that figure in mind.

mm colors Solar Power? Swe e e e t!

MM® colors by percent

Image courtesy of M&M® Solar Project

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