Solar Power Recap: June 21st

Welcome to Monday, everyone. We’ll skip right to the chase thismorning. Here are today’s notable solar energy (and miscellaneousenergy) stories:

In California solar energy news, PG&E and SunRun, a provider ofsolar leases, announce a major million financing deal. The California utility will provide up to $100 million to help finance SunRun solar home energyinstallations in five states: Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and California.

Hank Stuever of the Washington Post calls reviews Gasland, a documentary being billed as “one man’s journey into anatural gas crisis.” The film debuts tonight on HBO. Topaz Resources,meanwhile, presents the counterpoint on natural gas.

Where were you on Solar Day 2010?

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) suspends its Green PowerGeneration Partners Program, which paid out a popularproduction-based incentive to owners of solar energy systems. Judgingfrom the following quote, TVA’s decision has caught a few folks offguard: “We were shocked,” said Jim Purcell, at NashvilleElectric Service. “We were absolutely shocked.”

As we reported late last weekSolyndra is bailing on itsmuch-vaunted IPO plans in favor of private equity. Theinnovative solar panel maker in California cited “ongoing uncertaintiesin the public capital markets” as main consideration behind the move.

Finally today: just in case you were considering a solar home panelinstallation in Ukraine, a new market report mayhelp you find your way.

That’s all for now — thanks for reading. We’ll see you back here onWednesday.

Solar Power Rundown for Monday, June 21