Solar Power Recap: April 5th

Hopeeveryone enjoyed the holiday weekend. Today’s rundown of solar energynews will be short, sweet and informative — just like Reporter Kermit.

Arizona Public Service (APS) gained approval to install itsown solar panels on about 200 homes in Flagstaffvia Solar Industry. The systems — which will also include 50 solarwater heating systems — are part of the utilty’s Community PowerProject, a pilot aimed deploying utility-owned panels on customers’roofs.

In related Arizona solar news, Tucson Electric Power (TEP),another Arizona utility, got the go-ahead to add more than 3 megawattsof solar power to its energy mix through power purchasecontracts and new company-owned projects.

Mississippi will soon be home to a brand-spanking-new solarpanel manufacturing facility, via Memphis Business Journal. Slated for construction in Senatobia,Miss., the $175 million plant is a venture of Twin Creeks Technologies, a San Jose, Calif.-based solar technologies company. The project maycreate as many as 5o0 jobs.

SignOnSanDiego today has an interesting Q&A with Joshua Weinstein, managing partner ofAMSOLAR, a Solana Beach company that aims to install solar panels ineducational settings. Does Mr. Weinstein offer any words of wisdom whenit comes to getting solar projects done? A few. Among them: “the conversation should start with the bottom line, not end with the bottom line. And when you believe the conversation starts with thebottom line, everyone in the room agrees they’re there to save money.And once you can agree you’re in the business of saving money, thequestion is what else are you going to do?”

NV Energy has submitted for approval four new power purchaseagreements (PPAs), according to Solar Industry. If approved by the Public Utilities Commissionof Nevada, the PPAs would together add about 132 megawatts of renewableenergy for the state’s utility customers.

That’s all for this Monday. We’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Solar Power Rundown for Monday, April 5


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