app dload  Solar Power International 2009 Next Week

Solar Power International 2009 Next Week

spi  Solar Power International 2009 Next Week

Next week, the country’s largest business-to-business solar tradeshow will take place in Anaheim, CA. GetSolar will be there and we’llreport from the trenches, but to give you an idea of the scope of theconference ahead:

  • Over 900 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees expected, more than double the size of last year’s conference
  • Keynote speakers include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who will give atalk entitled “Green Gold Rush: A Vision for Energy Independence, Jobs,and National Wealth”
  • Roundtable sessions with CEOs of companies like Photon International, LIPA, and SunPower
  • Pre- and post-conference full and half-day workshops, in addition to three days of sessions devoted to six different tracks
    • Cross-cutting
    • Execution & Implementation
    • Finance
    • Markets
    • Policy
    • Technology
  • Public night on Wednesday, October 28, 5:30-8:30pm: special workshops and informational sessions directed towards consumers

Plus, the opening reception is at Disneyland and you just never knowwhen the Governator might drop by. October 27-29, Anaheim: we’ll seeyou there!


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