Solar Power as an Investment

EdwardSimburger, an electrical engineer and owner of a grid tie solarelectric system on his home published a research paper called, “Residential Photovoltaics; An Investment Vehicle for Retiree’s II” which answers the question if solar power should be part of everyone’s investment portfolio.

Inhis paper, Edward compares an investment in a solar electric system tofinancial indexes and concludes that in investment in photovoltaicsprovides a better return since it’s low risk and has built in inflationprotection.

Edward collected the data for the solar electricsystem from the system installed on his own home in California. Aselectric rates continue to increase the rate of return on a solarelectric system also increases. With rebates, tax credits and otherincentives given by local, state and federal governments, today solarpower is a much safer investment than the stock market, wouldn’t youagree? 


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