Solar Night Ease Lamp

night ease_1

Whilemost eco-conscious homeowners are now trying to help the planet bygoing off-grid and installing a solar power station right on theirrooftops, industrial designers are working on products that might suitthe requirements of others who have just begun greening their home.

Hungariandesigner Stefan Wallmann has come up with an easy-to-use night lampthat gets powered by onboard solar cells. Dubbed the Night Ease, theconcept lamp is equipped with a user-friendly tilt switch, which whenturned to the right makes the lamp glow. 

Thebottom of the lamp is covered with solar cells, which can be used torecharge a built-in battery. The lamp can be turned upside down andmade to sit on a special stand to allow the solar panels to face thesun during the day.

night ease_2

night ease_3

night ease_4

night ease_5

Thanks: [Stefan Wallmann]



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