Solar modules bring a curtain of sustainable lighting to the home

solar module_2

Solar-poweredlighting systems are available in plenty for your home. However, mostof these lamps need to be placed outdoors after their juice runs out.The folks over at Integral Studio Vinacciahave unveiled a new product which doesn’t need to be placed outdoors.The Solar Module is a LED-equipped tile that harness solar energy fromyour living room’s window.

solar module_1

The Solar Moduleis a ceramic tile, which carries a photoelectric cell and a modulecarrying the lighting system. The system also works as a curtainprotecting the living room from being overheated by the sun. In doingso the system harnesses solar energy during the day, which is used toilluminate your interiors after dark. The front and the back of thesystem is symmetrical and interchangeable, leaving full freedom to theuser to change the appearance of the design.

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