Solar Maps Out Power in Salt Lake City

saltlake3b 300x225 Solar Maps Out Power in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City joins the ranks of other cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, LosAngeles County, Anaheim and Portland which have solar maps.  The Solar Salt Lake Project, an innovative partnership among Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UtahClean Energy and other partners; as well as through work with CH2M HILLand funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar America Citiesprogram. The solar map gives the citizens of Salt Lake City the ability to visit the site, enter in a property address and see a visual snapshot of the property rooftop and its suitability for solar panels.

Designed by Critigen a global leader in information technology consulting and IToutsourcing. The solar map demonstrates Critigen’s ability to deliverleading-edge visualization technologies. The Salt Lake City map utilizes a multicolored solar layer, where blue indicates lower solar radiationand red indicates an area of higher solar radiation. “As part of broader livability initiatives, Salt Lake City has set a goal to facilitate atleast 10 megawatts of solar installations by 2015,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. “With tools like the solar map, we take the next steps to encourage adoption and further livability in our city,” he added.

These approaches make it simple for property ownersto create highly accurate user-defined areas for solar panels in therooftop areas with the highest solar radiation. The solar map then calculates the system size that will fit into the user-defined area, calculates theamount of electricity that will be generated, and provides informationabout the cost of the proposed system. If the system is not what theuser expected, the property owner can redraw the area to get a different set of results. This tool offers a great deal of flexibility andconvenience to those “do-it-yourself” citizens who are interested insolar. “Every step we take to make it easier for the general public tounderstand the value and potential of renewable resources on their ownhomes brings us closer to energy security in this country,” stated Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon.