Solar Lamps from Simax Materials Solutions

simax solar candles_1

Simax Materials Solutions has announced the development of the first locally designers solarlamps in Singapore. The new range of indoor and outdoor lamps has beendesigned as an alternative to conventional decorative and ambiencelighting systems.

simax solar candles_2

The company’s Solar Candles and Sun Jars will come in differentshapes and colors to suit the requirements of a wide array of consumers. The lamps are equipped with tiny solar panels that capture the rays ofthe sun to generate electricity, which is then used to charge batteriesto light up a bulb.

simax solar candles_3

Unlike common candles which are used to create a romanticatmosphere, these solar-powered candles will not be fire hazards. Somelamps will also include built-in motion sensors to reduce energyconsumption.

Via: Singapore News


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