Solar Forest keeps your EV cool and charges it as well

solar forest_1

Withthe demand for electric vehicles increasing with every passing day,researchers and designers are focusing on a completely different issue– electricity to charge all those electric vehicles. As of today amajor part of the global electricity output is generated in coal-firedpower plants and other stations which don’t depend on renewable energysources. Finding green sources of electricity and harnessing them topower the green vehicles is what the world needs today.

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Industrial designer Neville Marshas tried to solve the problem by designing a unique car port wherecars will be kept cool under the shade of solar panels, which will alsogenerate electricity to charge the EVs parked under. Solar Forest,as Neville refers to his design, incorporates a wide array of solarpanels that function as trees to harness solar energy and provide shadeat the same time.

solar forest_3

Solarpanels are mounted on poles, which carry power outlets. Whenever youpark your EV under any of these poles you can directly connect your carto the socket for a green recharge.

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