Solar EV Charging Station Unveiled in NYC

beautifulearthchargingstation 537x356

The fervently ‘green’ proposition is the very first of its kind in New York City. Located in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the solar powered EV charging station was conscientiously gifted by the Beautiful Earth Group, alluding to the sustainable efforts related to the beautiful park itself.

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Constructed modularly of recycled shipping containers, this off-grid station ingeniously integrates solar panels on the roof top. Theharnessed power is then transmitted to the batteries, which in turn cancharge five of the park’s electric service vehicles, an electric car and additionally, a small home. Approximately producing 5.6 kW of cleanpower, the conception is estimated to save the park $200,000 in gasoline costs, and even completely nullify 530 tons of carbon dioxideemissions!

nycs first solar powered ev charging station

Already touted as one of the first effectual efforts in support of the ambitious yet green proposal of PlaNYC, which aims to reduce the carbon emissions of New York City by 30percent, this station will surely prove its sustainable value in thelong run.

nycs first solar powered ev charging station 2

Via: Inhabitat



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