Solar Energy in China

AppliedMaterials’ Chairman and CEO Mike Splinter met with several high levelgovernment officials on his recent trip to China.

He met with theMinister of Commerce, Vice Minister of Industry and InformationTechnology (MIIT) and senior members of the National Development andReform Commission (NDRC) and the National Energy Administration (NEA)to engage the Chinese leadership on policy initiatives that wouldexpand the deployment of solar energy in China. China currentlymanufactures about half the world’s solar panels, however it onlyinstalled 1-2% of the world’s solar panels last year.

Mike also visited Xi’an, China, where the company opened its new solar technology center – an industry leading R&D facilitythat occupies 400,000 sq. ft. and includes both thin film andcrystalline silicon production lines. The Governor of Shaanxi province,Yuan Chunqing and Mayor of Xi’an, Chen Baogen presided over the openingceremony along with other distinguished guests.

The U.S. and China are the two largest users of energy and it isimperative for the two countries to demonstrate leadership in theadoption of renewables including solar. With the UN COP 15 ClimateChange Conference looming in Copenhagen, both countries must set boldand aggressive targets for reducing emissions and increasing cleanenergy in their mix.

Image: AppliedMaterials Chairman and CEO, Mike Splinter meets with Mr. Chen Deming,Minister of Commerce, People’s Republic of China in Beijing.



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