Solar Eco-Wine Pavilion by Michael Jantzen

eco wine pavilion small_1

The Eco-Wine Pavilion by eco-minded designer and architect Michael Jantzenis a structure envisioned for use in a temperate climate at a wineryand functions as a wine tasting center or provides space for specialevents.

The pavilion is a design proposal that explores ways tointegrate alternative energy gathering and storage systems intocommercial architecture in a new and exciting way. Thepavilion is designed to be constructed from a set of prefabricatedglass and steel components, where a series of steel arches andhorizontal supports are covered with glass panels, some of which openand close automatically to control natural ventilation throughout theinterior space. The steel and glass structure is covered with steelpanels, some of which are equipped with photovoltaic material.

Thesesolar panels generate electricity for use inside the pavilion, and allof the additional electricity is generated by a vertical axis windturbine mounted near the structure. At the base of the wind turbinethere is a circular bench built in around the perimeter of the supportcolumn. The aesthetic inspiration for this design comes from thesymbolic image of grape vines growing over a trellis.

eco wine pavilion small_2

eco wine pavilion small_3

Thanks: [Michael Jantzen]



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