Solar Demo Site Comes to TSO

A new solar demo site will soon be part of Texas Southern University’s (TSU) new Green Technology Center.

Arizona-based Evolution Solar Corp (EVSO), a leader and provider of alternative solar energy technologies, isworking with TSU’s Engineering Technology Department to develop acutting-edge solar production and demonstration installation projectlocated at the school’s Huston campus. TSU students and faculty will help in the design and engineering ofthe project.

Once complete, the state-of-the-art center will be used foradditional research and development that will benefit not only TSU andits students, but the consumer as well. The solar project will alsoserve as a model for future projects for EVSO.

According to TSU, the solar project was “brought to light” under the new “10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Hot Water Act.”

The bill, based on California’s 2006 Million Solar Roofs Initiative,was recently introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman SteveCohen. The goal of the bill is to increase the quantity of solar waterand solar power systems by providing rebates and incentives tohomeowners, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses for thepurchase and installation of 10 million solar roofs and 200,000 solarwater heating (SWH) systems by 2019. The rebates would cover up to halfthe cost of the new systems. The bill addresses the rising costs ofenergy, our dependency on foreign energy sources and global warming.

The measure would also create thousands of new green-collar jobs.  

Due to the school’s status as a Historical Black University andEVSO’s “past performance in minority executive advancement”, the TSUenergy research project received a national endorsement by the National Black Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Committee.

Image courtesy of Warren Gibb.

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